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Entries will open from the 17th of May. Please submit all categories by the deadline of 29th July 2022.

Judges are looking to give this prestigious award to any professional within the creative screen industries who really made an impact, a long-lasting change to the industry.

This creativity can be applied to the processes of production, distribution, facilitation or financing and funding of a film, TV movie, TV series, episode, advertisement, branded content or short form.

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Awarded to a Location Manager / Supervising Location Manager & their team.

We are looking to award a location professional for the creative use and management of a single location in a film, TV movie, TV series, episode, advertisement or short form which has created an on-screen memorable impact while inspiring peers. Judges are looking for evidence of creative skills in taking a director's brief and 'finding a truly outstanding location' as well as for the 'Location Professionals' individual skillset in making that particular location work for the production.

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Awarded to a Film Commission, Film Office.

Excluding official cash/tax rebates or credit schemes, we are looking for an initiative from a local, regional or national Film Commission which has made a significant impact on their territories and created an interesting proposition for film, TV movies, TV series, episode, advertisement or short form.

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Awarded to an individual, a tech start-up or a tech company.

Judges are looking for the creation of a game-changer in the way the industry produces, using new technology applied to workflow, communication or distribution.

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The Maker Award will be awarded to a Producer, Executive Producer or a Co-production team.

The judges are looking to recognise a producer or executive producer that has gone above and beyond the expectations of their role. This category will celebrate producers from all the creative screen industries whose exceptionally high standards have impressed their colleagues and collaborators on and off set.

Nominees must have demonstrated a genuine passion for the business, inspiring those around them with their ingenuity, while championing inclusivity and diversity. They will have dramatically raised the bar for behaviour and professional conduct, contributing to and impacting the industry in a variety of meaningful ways such as the use of new technologies.

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makers & shakers is looking to recognise significant achievement in enabling a shift towards creating content with a smaller carbon footprint. Be it on the entrants' own production (if a production company), on those of their customers/audience (if a supplier or association of professionals), or in helping the transition to a more sustainable model.

Entrants should detail how their product, service or initiative has resulted in a reduced carbon impact in a particular area of production or the whole production. Entrants should endeavour to provide data to quantify the carbon reductions which are being detailed wherever possible.

The judges will look to rank and award the entries which have demonstrably enabled the most significant reductions.

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Awarded to a Trade Association, a Government organisation or a Private company.

Judges are looking for a new and special initiative from a local, regional, or national organisation which was introduced to benefit the community and expand the local talent and skills pool of the creative screen industries.

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