Cherokee Nation Film Office

The CNFO play an integral part in the exponential growth of Oklahoma's film and television industry. Focused on increasing Native American representation, their 2022 initiative firmly places them at the forefront of change, becoming the first tribal film office to launch a certified Native-owned business directory. The directory allows any federally recognized tribe to register their business as an available support service, including talent, crew and consultants aiming to provide an authentic voice and presence across every level of the film industry. As a result, native citizens can break through the 1% barrier and be fairly represented in mainstream media.

Dominican Republic Film Commission

"The Film Friendly Samana" initiative is a success story bringing film and film production to a provincial region within the Dominican Republic to identify opportunities and broaden prospects for local citizens. Through a series of negotiations, each municipality unified in the agreement meant local crews could take advantage of professional English programs, training in carpentry and technical programs while driving improved performance in foreign and local programs. As a result, Samana fulfilled its potential and attracted many international productions, resulting in significant economic and social development, especially in the tourism sector. Now a proven initiative, the DGCINE can help other areas fulfil their potential.

Film Queenstown Lakes

The Tahuna Screenwriters Retreat is a powerful initiative driven by need and realized through partnerships, collaboration and diversity while identifying opportunities to create something very special: home-grown stories written and filmed in Queenstown, NZ. The retreat is a screenwriter's residency programme hosted in Queenstown. It first ran in March-April 2022, with four talented screenwriters selected from a talent pool of over 150 applicants. The four-week programme is designed to nurture and develop new concepts for TV series based in Queenstown Lake Region. Following a successful pitch to GSTV, one is now optioned for a new series filmed and aired in the region.

The National Film Authority of Ghana

With less than 1000 cinema screens serving a population of over 1.3 billion, Ghana is the most underserved market in cinema. This initiative, driven by The National Film Authority, strives to rectify this recognizing a significant opportunity for economic growth across the continent. At their upcoming Meta Cinema African Forum in November, all stakeholders in the cinema ecosystem in Africa will have the chance to meet global cinema players in an effort to drive real change in attracting investors, exhibitors and builders to close the gap. Following the launch, Ghana is talking to two cinema chains, and their classification process is aligned globally.

Roma Lazio Film Commission

A unique initiative, "The Patriarchs of nature: location and resource," maps the trees across the Lazio region aimed at widening the range of locations to nurture the creativity of directors and scenographers. Lazio is home to various trees, including millenary olive trees and centuries-old oak trees. Once mapped, they are recorded in the Roma Lazio Film Commission database, enabling others to source their unique locations while preserving and protecting the Lazio region and its natural resources. Launched at the Venice Film Festival in 2021, the initiative continues to drive awareness of natural history heritage and inspire writers, screenwriters, and scenographers.

Trentino Film Commission
Green Film DOC

A new version of the Green Film rating system specifically tailored for documentary production was successfully launched in June 2022. It aims to reduce the environmental impact of documentary production by pursuing more sustainable practices. In partnership with the Italian Association of Documentary Makers, a comprehensive set of measures and practices were compiled in the form of a rating tool that all documentary makers can use to adopt greener solutions, change habits and reduce their overall impact on the environment. As a result, National and regional funds are available to filmmakers who apply green measures to their working practices.

The Ukrainian Content.
Global Cooperation initiative (by MRM)

This joint initiative of key Ukrainian media companies aims to enhance the collaboration of the Ukrainian AV industry globally for a better future. Their purpose is to preserve and support Ukrainian content by raising awareness and positioning Ukraine as a powerful and reliable partner in a global market. Their first international presentation was at MIPTV in Cannes, France, in April 2022 and has generated support and awareness throughout the global community, promoting solidarity. As a result, media coverage has increased significantly compared to pre-war times attracting new partnerships to the Ukrainian industry.

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