Create Central

Create Central is an industry led body set up to boost the creative content industries in the West Midlands. Create Central partnered with Sunset+Vine, the leading sports television production company, West Midlands Combined Authority, Solihull College and BCU to deliver the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Host Broadcast Training Initiative (HBTI), a series of training bootcamps, targeting live TV skills, working toward an opportunity for participants to use those skills at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Dominican Republic Film Commission

The Dominican Republic Film Comission has shown consistent efforts towards establishing itself as a sought after destination for filming in the Caribbean. Refocussing the strategy of their educational programme, the 2021 launch of their Human Capital Sector Survey identifies crew based industry professionals in the country. Through 20 simple questions, the initiative has helped to acknowledge the critical needs within the workforce so as to ensure the local Dominican Film industry is well supported to accommodate the influx of production activity.

Mayotte Film Office

With a focus on Mahoran creative voices, the Mayotte Film Office offers a range of training and development opportunities for local communities to partake in. Since the founding of the organization in 2010 by local producer, Dieynaba SY, the film office has introduced free screenings and discussions with the displayed creatives and initiatives that protect and bring awareness to the landscapes of Mayotte. The support of local emerging talent goes beyond creative exposure but also equips the writers, directors behind the projects with the tools to promote their works to audiences and funders.

Mediaversity Reviews

Mediaversity reviews pushes content creators to focus on the diversity in their projects through their online grading system for TV shows and films based on metrics of inclusion. Aiming to support underrepresented upcoming professionals in the industry, also beyond creatives, Mediauniversity is diversifying the channel of media critics with opportunities for one-on-one mentorship and bylines, helping to launch budding journalist’s careers. Past reviewers have gone on to work for outlets such as the New York Times, Vulture, Common Sense Media and many others.

North East International Film Festival

Known as being the fastest growing international film festival, the North East International Film Festival, is an annual competition celebrating a diverse array of visual industry talent. Bringing gender and racial equality to the forefront of their recognitions, the festival has positioned themselves as a committed body to bring awareness to inclusivity. Also partnered with regional universities, the NEIFF offers placements for rising talents, making teaching and practical skills training accessible to all.

Producers Without Borders
(Kayvan Mashayekh)

What started off as a series of educational programmes during the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, Producers Without Borders has grown to international private network. Starting in May 2021 in Los Angeles, the network includes highly skilled producers, spreading their expertise to a global audience. Tackling the post pandemic slow return to normal during their launch year, the initiative has set a very clear objective, leading their global programmes with messaging of authenticity and creating a community of “doers”.

Samuh Mediatech

Founded in January 2021 by Nyema Zam, Samuh Mediatech is Bhutan’s first OTT platform. As an industry intensive model, the content creation platform withstood the impact of Covid-19, ensuring that business could carry on. Providing exposure for emerging Bhutanese talent, Samuh Mediatech takes the relatively minimal local film industry, and is aiming to strengthen what already exists. With international recognition for their feature film Gangnam Girls, and the August 2022 premiere of their short film Why is the Sky Dark at Night at the 21st Concorto Film Festival, the organisation is progressing at an impressive rate.

Screen Alliance Wales

Not-for-profit organisation Screen Alliance Wales has had a significant presence within the Welsh visual industry. Taking a shift in the beginning of 2022, however, the organisation has taken a new interest in focusing on their global presence, and building up communities of lower socio-economic status. With a focus on the sustainability of the industry, Screen Alliance Wales has created a source of information for upcoming talents, providing job availabilities, leading development programmes for emerging talent, and promoting that talent for international industry professionals.

Women in Film Paraguay

Women in Film Paraguay’s free mentorship programme gives women aged 18-30 the opportunity to hone their creativity and learn skills to work in an sector of the audiovisual industry. Facing the drastic economic inequalities between local men and women, the organisation aims to improve motivation amongst women, pushing them towards still participating and gaining the necessary skills wo enter the workforce. Given the opportunity to tell their stories, upcoming female filmmakers are given the support and encouragement to persevere and strive for a better and more equal future.

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