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'Cuando llegue la tormenta'
Trex Exploring

Located in the Arctic Circle, 66th parallel north is an incredibly beautiful yet hugely challenging location to shoot. The surrounding waters are teaming with whales and narwhals; the incredible rock, ice and sea landscapes are spectacular and savage in equal measure. Here, Eric and his team chose to film their documentary in which 5 women, cancer survivors, face the adventure of a lifetime. Technically it was a challenge; sailing and filming in stormy and icy conditions were dangerous, but drones helped create epic and unforgettable backdrops to a powerful message of overcoming adversity and creating more awareness about cancer.

Maria O'Connor, Supervising Location Manager and Team
Disenchanted, Disney

The picturesque village of Enniskerry in County Wicklow is filled with charm and meets the director's brief; interesting buildings, shop fronts, plus a central monument where 3 main streets create a central meeting point was the ideal location to stage large dance scenes. This was the perfect location to film the sequel to Disney's Enchanted, Disenchanted, and Enniskerry would be transformed into Disneyland. Working closely with the local community, the crew and their teams created such an incredible spectacle with exquisite sets designed and dressed that the village became a local tourist attraction.

Drive My Car,
C & I Entertainment

'Drive my Car' deftly uses its locations as another character, invoking the emotional history of Hiroshima, the bitter cold of Hokkaido, the unspoken divide in Korea. This quietly mesmerising tale of love, art, grief and healing is a cathartic exploration of what it means to go on living when there appears to be no road ahead. The locations align with the premise; the Hiroshima Peace Park is solemn, underlining the difficulties the cast have understanding one another; but they cross a bridge and see one another as their true characters, much like the park itself serves as a bridge introducing the world to the horrors of war.

Freedom by Jon Batiste,
Wandering Cameras, Vinay Chand, Location Manager

Vinay Chand's vision for Jon Batiste's music video, 'Freedom,' is brought to life in a visually stunning spectacle, capturing the spirit of New Orleans rarely seen before. Staying true to Batiste's brief, Vinay chose locations outside of the usual French Quarter, focusing instead on the colourful areas of Marigny, Bywater and City Park. They worked with local cast and crew, integrating valuable cultural and historical elements. The result was an incredible piece of film featuring New Orleans as rarely filmed or shared in mainstream media. It went on to win the 2021 Grammy for best music video.

We Might As Well Be Dead,
Heartwake Films GmbH/ Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Against all the odds, the production team wove together various location shoots to create a seamless cinematic success which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and went on to the Tribeca Film Festival in NY, where it won an award for best Cinematography in Int. Narrative. Endeavouring to set the scene of an upscale high-rise with a remote forest backdrop, the team had to overcome many challenges, including covid restrictions and a limited budget. Filming in Berlin, locations were chosen carefully to optimise the camera angles and positioning. Their creativity and innovative approach resulted in creating a unique and cohesive world.

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