Film in Hospital

A simple yet hugely impactful innovation, BUFF and five EU companies are developing interactive film screening platforms for children in hospitals. They aim to bring the magic of film to children who would otherwise not get to the cinema. Imagine having your own film festival in hospital and access to films relevant to the right age and interests. The platform is easy to use, accessible and filled with a broad range of interesting content aimed specifically at the younger audience. Our mission is to share knowledge with our partners across different countries, cultures and languages to create special projects for special people.

CallIt! App

The CallIt! App monitors and prevents instances of bullying and harassment in film and TV. It allows for real-time pulse monitoring of attitudes and behaviours in the workplace. The game-changer is that the app is anonymous, so those responsible for well-being at work can take action without singling out individuals. As a result, everyone feels empowered to get the support and help they need for their mental health. The brainchild of 3 exceptional women in the industry who have seen first-hand the detrimental impact negative behaviour can have; they continue to strive for change through awareness and CallIt! App support.

Copenhagen Industries

Copenhagen Industries have created the first viable alternative to firing blank weapons. Daniel and his team are a groundbreaking new start-up developing safe and reliable technologies for special effects in entertainment, event, film and TV. Their recently patent-awarded Violette recreates the visible and audible effect of a real firing weapon by igniting an electronically controlled mixture of propane and oxygen. They aim to replace all blank-firing weapons on film sets, providing safer/cheaper options. In 2022 real firearms are still used, but recent events prove there aren't safe. Copenhagen Industries are determined to put the issue firmly back on the table.

Decentralized Pictures Foundation

The world's first non-profit blockchain-based film fund, Decentralized Pictures is a self-perpetuating ecosystem. A platform whereby aspiring filmmakers, thoughtful critics and passionate fans meet and share original content and review independent film proposals while earning FILMCredits. This innovative concept means there will be a constant re-circulation of work and currency that will leave creators with feedback, potential funding and agents and producers with market insights. Our mission is to give our strong community of filmmakers and film lovers an alternative to traditional film-making while maintaining artistic integrity and fairness.

Drylab Media Tech

Drylab technology is a cutting-edge next-generation production tool and dailies distribution platform that enhances the production process from script to post. Its principal objective is to facilitate and enrich the filming workflow from pre to post-production. By recording continuity and metadata on set, then adding to rushes during shooting, Drylab's technology reduces paper usage while saving time and money; plus, it increases continuity and simplifies the management and retrieval of material captured on set. The result: enhanced creative processes and improved efficiencies across the whole crew operations.

My SMASH Media

SMASH is a digital B2B SaaS Platform connecting content creators and decision-makers in a rights and IP marketplace. We offer content creators advanced digital tools to help build market-savvy pitches in formats easy for decision-makers to access. We aim to disrupt the market by exposing new talent and connecting underrepresented creators with potential collaborators. Streaming is the future of entertainment and SMASH recognises that a continually flowing pipeline of content and talent is required to fulfil increasing demand, including the diversity and inclusivity audiences expect.

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