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makers & shakers are looking to recognise significant achievement in enabling a shift towards creating content with a smaller carbon footprint. Be it on the entrants' own production (if a production company), on those of their customers/audience (if a supplier or association of professionals), or in helping the transition to a more sustainable model.

Entrants should detail how their product, service or initiative has resulted in a reduced carbon impact in a particular area of production or the whole production. Entrants should endeavour to provide data to quantify the carbon reductions which are being detailed wherever possible .

The judges will look to rank and award the entries which have demonstrably enabled the most significant reductions.


KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission with WrapZERO - Guidelines for Sustainable Production

KwaZulu-Natal is one of South Africa’s three main media production regions and the first in the country to recognise the imperative to equip local content creators and service providers with knowledge and tools to practice their business in a sustainable manner.

CAMA AssetStore

Productions seamlessly redistribute assets directly to other productions and the wider creative industry.

Qualifying Period: 1st January 2021 – 1st July 2022

17th May - Entries open

29th July - Entries Deadline

October - Shortlist announced

7th December - Awards Ceremony

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