As a registered albert supplier, 2Valleys is a TV and film production company offering everything from ground cover to equipment hire and production support. Their commitment to helping deliver a sustainable media production industry has driven them to design and create new products that reduce carbon footprint while planting trees on their farm each year to offset carbon emissions. One of the most significant reductions in carbon footprint is their innovative solution of the bespoke 2Valleys unit trailer. Instead of taking 4 trailers, they have reconfigured a design to require only 1 multi-purpose unit on-set.


albert is the leading screen industry organization for environmental sustainability. This past year, they have focused on providing support through their innovative toolkit; the most comprehensive tool in the industry to measure and reduce a production's carbon footprint. Albert's Creative Energy project is another ingenious solution, facilitating the switch to a 100% renewable UK energy supplier, collectively members have saved 4,131 tCO2e. Their offsets scheme is a simple way for productions to offset unavoidable emissions by supporting a range of projects, including conservation with over 23,884 tCO2e offsets.

Circular Arts Network

CAN is a recycling and reuse tool that helps Creative Industries combat the climate emergency. This innovative circular format is based on an exchange service whereby users can access various materials, including stage, screen, visual arts, design, fashion, etc. In the past 18 months, this ambitious project has saved approximately 3500kg of CO2 emissions in an effort to prevent materials from going into landfills, including several COP26 Blue Zone pavilion items, including advertising and graphic banners. National Theatres, Galleries and Universities are among the 700+ users who have already benefitted from CAN.

Creative Zero

A collaborative organisation, Creative Zero aims to lower emissions through the supply chain and create industry employment that works for everyone. Focused on working within the supply chain, mainly with micro and SME businesses, they provide the affordable expertise needed to make long-term real emission reductions. By supporting fundamental transformations within the industry, Creative Zero are committed to holistic, sustainable business management. They harness knowledge, work with relevant initiatives and have a shared passion for creating change while professionalising a workforce of sustainability consultants.

Green Screen Partnership
Lead Partner Film London

Green Screens' mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of European film and TV production by improving policies while motivating and equipping workforces to adopt sustainable protocols. They aim to inspire and lead the industry in a greener way of life, learning through best practices, knowledge sharing and partnerships. The Green Screen certification programme enables members to adopt long-term sustainable practices, and with progressive development from 2021-2022 and increasing membership, their practices reduced their collective carbon tonnage from 15,425 to 13,551 CO2. Green Screen are committed to a net zero world.

Remote Filming

Remote Filming is the world's only encrypted, super-fast carbon-neutral film and stills streaming service which minimizes the impact of shoots on the environment caused directly by disposable travel, delivering both environmental and cost reductions. Remote Filming, calculates they saved 7,400 tonnes of travel-related CO2 emissions in the UK, on behalf of their clients and the environment without generating any significant CO emissions of their own while delivering their streaming service. Globally, saving an additional 57,000 travel-related CO2 tonnes of emissions in the film industry and 64,400 in total, making them the biggest saver in CO2 emissions in a given period.

Sway Location Services

Launched in 2022, Sway has developed an innovative scheme of collecting and separating food waste from location sets and recycling it through anaerobic digestion. A natural process which biologically breaks down organic material to generate and capture large amounts of biogas; methane and CO2. The capture prevents harmful gases from entering our atmosphere and converts them to a clean energy source generating electricity. One plant alone can create enough energy to power 10,000 homes every year. To date, we estimate saving 13 tonnes of CO2/year and the potential to produce 20,160 KWH with an extra 22 tonnes of natural fertilizer.

Vectar Project

The VECTAR project is the north west's first carbon-neutral film studio facility. Each set offers a range of benefits, from saving both direct and indirect production costs and up to a 93% lower carbon footprint against conventional wood sets; plus, they are fully 100% recyclable as paper waste. On a mission to replace traditional wooded sets, VECTAR is 90% lighter and smaller, meaning less manpower is required to load, transport and construct on-site, further reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions. Today we are a finalist in the globally recognized Ashden Climate Awards and hope to win at COP27 in November.

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