Amber Woodcock
Senior VFX Producer

Amber is an inspirational leader who has a unique ability to bring all the elements of a production together to create extraordinary results. As an exceptional GFX producer on a wide range of jobs, including the complex cosmology series 'How the Universe Works', Amber was the linchpin in delivering the project on budget and schedule while diligently managing the artists. As a passionate driving force behind every aspect of production, Amber imbues an enthusiastic, can-do attitude, both infectious and motivational. A skilled people person, she ensures the needs of everyone are met, bringing out the very best performance in everyone.

Anissa Payne

'Every person who works with Anissa comes away convinced the industry could look different and be a more accessible and diverse place to work.' Loved by her team, Anissa has the incredible ability to create a sense of community on set, on a level of unsurpassed professionalism. A brilliant producer, Anissa works at the cutting edge of film and live performance, notably Bastille's number 1 album with EMI and Epic Games. This innovative and groundbreaking work represents her capabilities to maintain the highest levels of creativity, embracing the latest tech and seamless delivery.

Benjamin Field
Senior Producer, The Format Factory

This year, Ben has made 3 award-winning films, each story as emotive, powerful and in celebration of our differences as the last. A trailblazer for inclusive, innovative and groundbreaking content, Ben is 100% committed to giving a voice to those underrepresented on and off set. His use of 'deepfake' technology was heralded as a pioneering use of tech, pushing the boundaries of AI in factual programming, winning the Best Feature Doc at the CBFF. A natural mentor, Ben's leadership skills empower his production team to develop their skills and expertise to create exceptional work with his support and guidance.

Co.Production Team
Think-Film Impact Production

Think-Film is at the forefront of changing the perceptions of what it means to be a filmmaker in today's society. Empowering filmmakers to think about and adopt social change while raising expectations is a driving force in creating impact through innovation and commitment. The launch of the new 'impACT' programme, in partnership with Cannes Marche du Film, is dedicated to improving diversity, inclusion, representation, and sustainability while using data responsibly and ethically. Tackling various global social issues, Think-Film has carved out an influential role in curating and re-shaping discussions to create meaningful and commercially sound projects.

Jules Hussey

Jules is the producer behind the BBC series, 'Ralph and Katie' a spinoff from 'The A Word', the last in a long line of truly inclusive productions giving a voice and representation to those underrepresented on and off set. Jules doesn't just speak the language of inclusivity; she lives and breathes it, ensuring every aspect of production is committed to promoting change at every level of the industry. Jules is inspirational; a co-founder of CallIt! App, to tackle bullying in the industry, founder of the Carma bursary providing grants for driving lessons plus encouraging others to create 3 additional bursaries.

Kim Rowell

Kim is a champion of underrepresented groups within her organisation and wider society. Award-winning and influential, she has built a reputation as an outstanding storyteller endeavouring to represent diverse communities and grassroots society which has initiated parliament debate on the Children's Act and the Cancer Act. Kim was awarded the BBC News award for 'Outstanding Original Journalism' in Dec 2021 and the RTS Thames Valley Creative Technology Production award in March 2022. Her' sit-up and listen' productions are dynamic, and her capacity for kindness and compassion are immeasurable, as demonstrated in her brainchild 'KindFest', the world's first virtual Kindness Festival.

Sebastien Galina

Sebastien is a passionate advocate, inspiring the next generation of filmmakers. His efforts to support and guide the careers of young filmmakers in Canada have led to international recognition for many of his mentees, resulting in wins at Cannes Young Director Award and Clio Awards Kinsale Shark. His collaborative approach is genuine and authentic across every area of production, encouraging others to aim for and achieve their full potential safely and positively. Calm and patient, his behaviour and professional conduct are exceptional while influencing others to follow his lead.

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