Max Hermans, TheGreenShot (BE)
Max Hermans
TheGreenShot (BE)

Max Hermans is the founder and inventor of TheGreenShot solution, winner of the 2021 makers & shakers ‘Tech Production Innovation’ award.

Working for 5 years on creating and managing large events and festivals and 5 years on feature films, shorts and TV series ( ), Max realised that the production process could be completely digitized, delivering real-time budget visibility and control to the whole team – from production to heads of departments and to crew members. While going paperless decreases the carbon footprint of productions, Max went further and connected all the data automatically to carbon footprint and certifications. Combining his hands-on experience with a team of seasoned engineers, TheGreenShot app was launched in Cannes 2021 with opening movie Annette, one of TheGreenShot’s test movie.

TheGreenShot interfaces to different carbon calculators and certification models and its open interfaces are at the heart of new production workflows. Max and TheGreenShot team continuously scout for new solutions, providers and partners to create these efficient and collaborative productions workflows. As a judge, Max is super excited to bring this expertise to help select the 2023 makers & shakers winners.