Colorado Office Film Tv and Media

The Film Exposure Program is a successful initiative that was created by the Colorado Office of Film, TV and Media (COFTM) to provide rural students with the opportunity to learn technical and media literacy skills that they can take forward to higher education and use to embark on professional careers. The pilot program was launched in 2022 with over 80 students at four school sites enrolling. The result has been a far-reaching awareness of what the film industry can offer, potential opportunities available for all alongside a boost in student engagement in school and the development of media literacy skills.

Film in Limerick / Innovate Limerick

Established in 2022, the National Talent Academy for Film and TV Crew South was launched with funding from Screen Ireland. Nurturing a vision to develop a highly skilled crew base throughout the region and to create ongoing programs Film in Limerick continue to build crew and skills as well as delivering above-the-line training in partnership with Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board. The aim is to address and support the current skills gaps in the industry and drive more local crew from all backgrounds and disciplines into the sector. Regardless of race, identity or background, everyone is welcome to the support and guidance to succeed within the film industry.

Film London

The Grid Project is aimed at helping film and TV production become more environmentally sustainable whilst filming in London. The project launched with a pilot in 2022 by installing industry-bespoke electrical feeder pillars into frequently used Unit Base sites and supplying energy from renewable sources thus reducing all emissions on-site to zero. Based in Victoria Park, the local community has already benefitted from this initiative with cleaner air in the car park. Having met its initial objectives this initiative will provide the foundation for shared learning and encourage others to install their own pillars.

Film Paris Region

The Circul’art 2 project is focused on raising awareness about Eco-design and waste management within the industry. Providing information, guidance and actionable steps to take, the initiative has created an online directory of service providers, guidance for good practice and a series of tutorials and interviews with professionals identifying solutions that can be used throughout the industry. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between the professionals struggling to heard and the institutions that have the power to create real and lasting change.

Miami-Dade County Film Commission (FilMiami)

The ‘One-stop-shop film permitting center’ was launched in 2023 as a web portal that simplifies and accelerates the process of applying for a foil permit in the County of Miami-Dade. A comprehensive platform that uses geographic information systems for mapping and includes information about all 34 municipalities enables filmmakers from around the world to access details and apply for permits quickly and easily. This seamless system makes Miami-Dade an attractive prospect for many scouts demonstrating its film-friendly over its rivals.

Portugal Film Commission

Focused on the development and recruitment of certified Green Consultants, this initiative has enabled the Portuguese Film Commission to lead a more environmentally conscious effort and implementation within the industry. By licensing and adapting the original Green Consultant course created by Stuttgart Media University. Portugal now has 10 new Green Consultants certified, who have already begun working in the audiovisual sector. This proactive move means Portugal is one step closer to Green Shooting which can only be positive for the industry in adapting their filming practices, but it will also ensure the preservation of the environment and sustainability of a fragile landscape.

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