Awarded to a Film Commission, Film Office, Film Commissioner & their team for an initiative from a local, regional or national Film Commission which has made a significant impact on their territories and created an interesting proposition for a feature film, TV movie, TV series, episode, advertisement or short form.

Cherokee Nation Film Office

The CNFO play an integral part in the exponential growth of Oklahoma's film and television industry. Focused on increasing Native American representation, their 2022 initiative firmly places them at the forefront of change, becoming the first tribal film office to launch a certified Native-owned business directory. The directory allows any federally recognized tribe to register their business as an available support service, including talent, crew and consultants aiming to provide an authentic voice and presence across every level of the film industry. As a result, native citizens can break through the 1% barrier and be fairly represented in mainstream media.

We are incredibly honored to accept this recognition, which is an absolute win for all of Indian Country, Representation matters and it is vital that Indigenous people see themselves accurately and authentically represented in all forms of media across the globe. It is the inspiration that drives our mission and encourages our team to continue working diligently on new and proactive ways to engage and support Native talent across the film and television industry.

Jennifer Loren, senior director of Cherokee Nation Film and Original Content.


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