Awarded to a Trade Association, a Government Organisation or a Private Company for a new and special initiative from a local/regional/national organisation which was introduced to benefit the community and expand the local talent and skills pool of the creative screen industries.

Samuh Mediatech

Founded in January 2021 by Nyema Zam, Samuh Mediatech is Bhutan’s first OTT platform. As an industry intensive model, the content creation platform withstood the impact of Covid-19, ensuring that business could carry on. Providing exposure for emerging Bhutanese talent, Samuh Mediatech takes the relatively minimal local film industry, and is aiming to strengthen what already exists. With international recognition for their feature film Gangnam Girls, and the August 2022 premiere of their short film Why is the Sky Dark at Night at the 21st Concorto Film Festival, the organisation is progressing at an impressive rate.

"The award is yet another milestone in our journey to create a vibrant creative sector in Bhutan. Team Samuh would like to thank His Majesty the King & Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen for being the biggest supporters of the creative industry in Bhutan. The Samuh story is a story of how one single creative initiative leveraging technology and creative entrepreneurship, supported by government and banking schemes, facilitated by regulatory bodies, and supported by the creative community can play a critical role in creating a national revolution in the creative space. Thank you, makers & shakers for this recognition. It makes us believe that it is possible for a SMALL country to do BIG things."

Nyema Zam, CEO, Samuh Media Tech


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