Awarded to a Trade Association, a Government Organisation or a Private Company for a new and special initiative from a local/regional/national organisation which was introduced to benefit the community and expand the local talent and skills pool of the creative screen industries.

Sudanese Filmmaking Association

An inspirational initiative, the Sudanese Filmmaking Association (SFMA) launched a project that would bring displaced, war-torn Sudanese creatives together to train and develop one another through a small financial exchange and mentorship program. Aspiring filmmakers and content creators would be encouraged to tell their stories of war while supporting their income by exchanging knowledge and experience with their respective mentors. Between April-Sept 2023 a staggering 183 workshops and 26 masterclasses have taken place, resulting in 7 films and 2 documentary series made by Sundanese refugees. The outcome is a collaborative community of filmmakers affected by war but adopting the peaceful tools of creativity to share their stories and cherish their dignity as they earn a small but precious income.

Highly Commended

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