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Eoin Holohan, Location Manager, The Banshees of Inisherin

Padraic’s Cottage was not only set in one of the most stunning film locations but also the most challenging. Chosen because the location was ‘instantly recognisable as Ireland’ the island of Inis Mòr is picture postcard perfect, however, the logistics and filming were quite the contrary. The incredible vision of the scout, director and crew meant the harsh and remote landscape could serve well as the quintessential location of an old Irish Cottage, surrounded by lanes and small fields with stone walls. With only one big problem, there was no untouched, suitable cottage on-site that was convenient for filming. But the issue was soon resolved thanks to the foresight of the scout, ‘let’s build one’. Without compromise, the result was a very real, very tangible location where Padraic’s Cottage was brought to life.

Jad Nehmeh, Location Manager, Warsha

Within the city of Beirut, the perfect location was identified to film Warsha, where we follow Mohammad, a Syrian migrant worker and the crane operator of one of the tallest and notoriously dangerous cranes in Lebanon. The location required a large construction site with an industrial elevator and a tall crane connected by a bridge to the building. The location was spectacular and 360 images were taken using drones circling the height of the crane, at various times including sunset, sunrise and late afternoon which were used to create the dancing scenes of the crane. The result was a visual spectacle and the film has received over 50 awards.

Jason Nolan, Supervising Location Manager, The Last of Us

Filmed on location in the City of Calgary, this scene in ‘The Last of Us’ required a significant section of the city to be closed for the film crew to capture this epic scene. Insistent that no green screen would be used, and a real location was required, created some huge challenges. This short but powerful seen needed to have a significant impact on the audience to feel the sheer insurmountable task, not to mention the fear, that Ellie was experiencing during the scene as she arrived in the open city for the first time since the infected took over. The vision was for Ellie to look upon a large section of highway or an overpass leading into the city before a scream pierces the air.

Leann Emmert, Supervising Location Manager, The Fabelmans

Finding the old ‘Camera Shop’, frozen in time, where Steven Speilberg would shop as a youngster wasn’t easy. Led by a set of old photographs showing Steven’s real house and school the challenge to match actual locations was on. The discovery of a little photo-processing place that used to be a camera shop was perfect. It was stuck in time and even more excitingly it had never had any filming done inside so it would be a truly original shoot. The brothers had inherited the shop from their father and never changed a thing. They had begun collecting vintage film items that made perfect backdrops and props for our shoot. The scene was so accurate that it was used in every trailer.

Leigh Romero, Location Manager, Warrior Nun 2

Madrid was the chosen location for ‘Warrior Nun S2’ because of the impressive range of locations that fitted the scripts. Sites such as the Museo del Padro, Monasterio del Escorial, and Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando were superb choices as almost all the Goya paintings are exposed. However, the Museo del Prado was the most incredible of all due to the fact no other film crews had been given access for the past 4 years and we were given special night access. The overall effect was stunning due to the historic locations, heritage buildings and architecture.

Magdi Omar & Sherif Hossny, Location Manager and Team, The Testament

Shot on location on Mount Sinai, the scene where God speaks to Moses and reveals the 10 Commandments needed to make an impact creating a sense of awe and wonder for the audience. So, it was decided the scene would be shot during the sunrise to capture the magic of the moment and inspire the audience to believe. As the sun rose on the day of shooting something truly special was captured on film as the darkness lifted and the magnificent Siani Mountain range was revealed. A truly visual spectacle translated onto the screen was the result of creative improvisation and the seemingly impossible made possible.

Petr Růčka, All Quiet On The Western Front

Tasked with finding a vast WWI battlefield location for the filming of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ led the crew to Milovice in the Czech Republic. A former military base it was ideal for the landscape and the logistics we needed to create in digging out several military trenches. As a period film, it was essential that all locations match the style of the beginning of the last century and there was enough space for the scope of the shoot. Built across a site 750m x 250m the battlefield was epic and the recreation of the landscape reflected the true conditions of the moment including vast seas of mud.

Piernicola Pinnola, Supervising Location Manager, The White Lotus

Filmed on location in Sicily, this stunning setting was the ideal choice for the ‘The White Lotus Resort’. A local hotel in the traditional village of Taormina was discovered that reflected the style and characteristics of the ‘gilded cage’ with which the characters would unfold and the scene was set. Taormina is an incredibly special and picturesque town, born on a cliff overlooking the sea. It was traditionally one of the select choices for tourists on the European ‘Grand Tour’ in the 1700s and 1800s. The result was a perfect symbiosis between the location and the plot which created a unique and original experience.

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