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Awarded to a Location Manager / Supervising Location Manager & their team for the creative use and management of a single location in a feature film, TV movie, TV series, episode, advertisement or short form which has created an on-screen memorable impact while inspiring peers.

Naomi Liston - The Northman

The most Northerly point of Northern Ireland was selected as the space on which to build a Viking Village. The main access road was limited to 3.5 tonne, meaning the that project’s lorries requied special dispensation from the Department of Infrastructure. Production took place during winter months when the road was often impassable due to hazardous icy or snowy conditions.


Karl Beatson-Smith, Luke Wilkinson and the Location Team - Sweet Tooth

Maureen O'Connell - HUM

Sayyora Xudayberdiyeva - Taste of the Sun

Peter Conway - The Last Duel