BooksOffice provides on-screen visibility to the growing number of self-published authors and those that haven’t had the privilege of major publisher support. It is a platform for finding and promoting new and unrepresented self-published and indie authors which have incredible stories to tell but have been unable to make the leap from book to screen. Currently a community choice project, readers and viewers can vote for books they wish to see adapted to screen, ultimately giving us more control of what we could see on TV. Following their first successful pilot programme BooksOffice have provided a number of previously hidden authors with a platform to move their stories from page to screen.


Filmustage is a software tool designed to make preproduction a faster and more streamlined process. Using their own uniquely designed AI technology, Filmustage can breakdown scripts 100xfaster and plan every detail down to the last item, from locations and permits, to shoot times and equipment. Pitched as a one-stop-shop, this innovative platform can help you save time and money while identifying possible risk, mitigating delays and financial pitfalls. It aims to deliver everything you need in one place, but it can also be used in conjunction with other industry software to ensure you share your plans with team members. Their aim is to make filmmaking more accessible and affordable to a wider audience by replacing tedious processes while remaining human-centric. w


Marionette provides real-time AI-driven motion capture technology directly to the creator's desk, enabling creatives to record and edit motion capture anywhere simply with a laptop and mobile phones. This innovation will enable user to reduce costs and potentially eliminate post processing, making it a more seamless task. It also makes motion capture available for a much broader and diverse spectrum of 3D animation story-telling. Currently this process is expensive and requires studio space but their innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is designed to change the way creatives work in the future, focusing on their story-telling rather than the tools.

MetaRex’s breakthrough project, aims to create a standardised way to transport metadata, ensuring that it is always transported in the same way, regardless of the software application used. This innovative process is very exciting as there is currently nothing like this in the industry today that works as effectively or quickly. Their transformational software enables metadata to flow securely, cheaply and at scale through the media supply chain. And the best part? It will be developed and distributed to hardware and software vendors, schools and colleges, free of charge, removing barriers to using the framework and enabling everyone to use, learn and embrace this innovative application.


An award winning, high growth start-up, Pentopix is an AI-assisted platform that accelerates content production by turning long-form content into editable 3D videos. Enabling you to create faster iterations and visual collaborations one significant outcome is in time and money saved. However, it’s key feature is the ability to move your story from preproduction to post, quickly and efficiently while allowing the user to maintain full creative control. This platform is designed specifically to support creatives, rather than replace them, embracing artistic integrity while revolutionising the way we create and experience content today and in the future.

ReadySet Studios

Committed to advancing the standards of virtual production, ReadySet Studios is single-minded in their vision to create cutting-edge tools and technologies that challenge traditional production and visual storytelling practices. Blurring the lines between the physical and digital world, they aim to increase sustainability within the industry while successfully improving the collaborative nature between creative departments. Their specialist LED screen technology allows filmmakers to experience their virtual sets directly in the camera meaning post-production time can be reduced. Their ongoing commitment to research, evaluation and investment allows ReadySet Studios to consistently create future innovations changing the industry landscape.


Sumomax is a high-output LED light that, thanks to its passive cooling system, is completely silent. Surpassing all current industry standards in terms of its versatility, modularity and interactive capabilities it’s rapidly become a game-changer for virtual production. Innovative engineering has integrated a one-click quick release connecting system to create unlimited sizing choices, securely interfacing with truss systems, standard couplers and other rigging hardware. This rigging option means that a wider range of units can be adapted to create a wider spectrum of imaginative wall, side and ceiling shapes quickly and safely.

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