Awarded to an individual, a tech start-up or a tech company for the creation of a game-changer in the way the industry produces, using new technology applied to workflow, communication, finance or distribution.

Copenhagen Industries

Copenhagen Industries have created the first viable alternative to firing blank weapons. Daniel and his team are a groundbreaking new start-up developing safe and reliable technologies for special effects in entertainment, event, film and TV. Their recently patent-awarded Violette recreates the visible and audible effect of a real firing weapon by igniting an electronically controlled mixture of propane and oxygen. They aim to replace all blank-firing weapons on film sets, providing safer/cheaper options. In 2022 real firearms are still used, but recent events prove there aren't safe. Copenhagen Industries are determined to put the issue firmly back on the table.

"We are more than thrilled to be receiving this award! It is a true testament that our work is needed and demanded by the industry, and that a change in how we work with weapons on set is warranted. We wish we could dedicate this award solely to Halyna Hutchins, but truth is plenty more people have lost their lives to special effects and firearms on set gone awry, been injured, hurt or endured loss of limbs, sight and hearing. We dedicate this award to every single one of them."

Daniel Karpantschof, CEO & Co-Founder, Copenhagen Industries


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