The category award to any professional within the creative screen industries who really made an impact, a long-lasting change to the industry. 

Leo Anna Thomas
6ft From the Spotlight

Putting mental health at the heart of your production is the unwavering focus of Leo Thomas and the team. Working directly with the British Film Institute, they aim to place a new role of Wellbeing Facilitators (WBF) into every production that applies for BFI funding. As a not-for-profit community interest company, they strive to help production companies meet their duty of care through the wellbeing role with a physical placement; a neutral third party to ensure crew and cast are mentally safe and working conditions meet the legal requirements.

"Matt Longley kindly nominated me for Shaker of the Year in 2020, and this year though it's my name on the award, it's for us both and Michelle White. Not only being nominated, but winning Shaker of the Year 2022 proves that the hard emotional and physical labour we all have put into this work is paying off. We're heading in the right direction, and pace is still glacial at times, and yet there is movement; of awareness, recognition and change, much needed change.

Every person and organisation nominated this year are to be celebrated too, as putting oneself forward, sharing life changing stories, ambitions, goals, hopes and hard work for a better place to work are truly contagious.

I personally would like to dedicate this award to Production Designer and friend Alan MacDonald, Unit Nurse and friend Morag Webster, both of whom died by suicide. We as an industry have also lost Location Manager, Micheal Harm to suicide and Camera Operator Mark Milsome, who was killed whilst filming a car stunt.

All of this work is to help prevent these tragic losses ever happening again.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and been our cheerleaders, and thank you to those who told me time and time again that I was wasting my time, you helped spur me on even harder! Take care x."

Leo Anna Thomas, Co-Director, 6FT From the Spotlight


Co. Production Team, Factory 42, EE, Superglue and Canagan

Deborah Doherty, Windmill Lane

Jeanette Volturno, Crewvie

Meriel Beale - freelance producer and campaigner

Natalie Edwards-Yesufu, Transition Stage Company

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