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The category award to any professional within the creative screen industries who really made an impact, a long-lasting change to the industry. 

Takumã Kuikuro
Filmaker/Curator, Colective Kuikuro

Dedicated to training and empowering young indigenous filmmakers, Takuma is an award-winning filmmaker and member of The Kuikuro de Cinema Collective (CKC) in Brazil. Behind the launch of the Village Audiovisual Center, Takuma’s contribution to the cause is unwavering. On a mission to preserve the history and culture of the Kuikuro people through film, research and documentation the CKC has produced numerous films, documentaries and songs that record the ritual performances of the people. This has resulted in the largest documentary collection ever made by an indigenous people. Takuma’s contribution has been as significant as it is passionate about preserving the voices and culture of the indigenous people.


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