Creative Zero & PixiPixel

Committed to embedding reduction strategies and planet-positive practices throughout the industry, Creative Zero works directly with micro, small and medium-sized businesses. They are focused on sharing cross-industry expertise by providing in-house Environmental and Social Impact Managers previously only available to larger corporations. One client, PixiPixel having implemented Creative Zero strategies resulted in a huge 87% reduction in their fuel consumption and respectively the impact on the environment. And while the challenge continues, thankfully the solutions continue to emerge and Creative Zero is ready to action them.

Earth Angel

Earth Angel (EA) is a sustainability agency that provides skilled labour and supplies to help reduce the environmental impact of entertainment. From zero waste and decarbonization to social impact and consultation services EA creates and implements customized, analytics-based strategies designed to keep pace with complex production logistics. Having successfully demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions and waste from film and TV productions, the agency continues to fulfil its mission of effectively integrating sustainable solutions into production settings, simplifying practices, both material and monetary while demonstrating progress and impact.

Film London

In 2018 Film London embarked on a collaborative European project funded by sustainability body Interreg Europe. After initial research, Film London identified the opportunity to design and create the first film and TV industry bespoke power pillar on-location in Europe (and only second in the world) paving the way for others to follow. The opportunity to adapt and develop this innovative concept is very exciting with the hope that more pillars will be installed faster and cheaper than the pilot program. This small but significant step has put Film London and ‘The Grid Project’ at the forefront of sustainable innovations and ensuring that the television and film industries are as green as possible today and in the long term.

Green Set (The SA Film Academy)

Green Set is a project that recognises the need for a unified front in adopting universal, standardised measures that can mitigate the extremely serious environmental impact of local and international film production in South Africa. An accredited course focused on environmental sustainability is aimed at training individuals with a new and in-demand set of skills so they can reduce the carbon footprint of every film shoot across South Africa. The initial results have been impressive as the new trainees implement innovative solutions for clean power, reducing waste and increasing local hires.

Green Spark Group

On a mission to influence change throughout every area of the creative industry, Green Spark focus on reducing the environmental impact of production through systemic and holistic approaches. Their definition of sustainability is truly a holistic one as they aim to restore the balance to the wellbeing of the environment, the economy, and the people. The nourishment and nurture of the human spirit and our emotional well-being are central to Green Sparks movement. By placing an emphasis on education and building a sustainable culture, Green Spark are determined to create a shift in thinking towards transformational change as opposed to implementing single solutions.

Green Voltage

Setting new standards for industry sustainability, Green Voltage are leading the charge toward clean, more efficient power alternatives. Their unwavering commitment to continually educate, support and supply the industry with sustainable power solutions and smart power planning has meant they have contributed to the saving of approximately 4,080 tonnes of carbon emissions (the equivalent of driving a car 475 times around the world!). Their ongoing challenge is to educate crews and department leads on ways they can reduce their power consumption. They do this by supporting them throughout the filmmaking process from the initial stages of preproduction through to post-production.

The Bottle Yard Studios

In 2022, Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios opened the largest film and TV production facility in the West of England powered by a 1MWp rooftop solar array boasting more than 2,300 photovoltaic panels. This state-of-the-art facility is believed to be the biggest community-owned building of its kind and the largest rooftop PV installation of any UK studio. The technology behind this scheme is 100% replicable so they are hoping they will lose their prestigious title soon as other studios follow suit. Making real sustainable change like this is both innovative and ambitious and will continue to benefit the environment while inspiring others to make significant change.


Yamdu is at the forefront of modern production management with its cloud-based software. Seamlessly integrating sustainability data fields across all departments Yamdu makes monitoring the production process and calculating sustainability metrics easy. Once updated, viewing, retrieving and rearranging data is simple and intuitive making it easier for international productions to push the data toward whatever carbon calculators are required within a specific region. Consolidating all production data into a central space significantly improves accessibility, security and overall control. The collaborative approach pre-populates real-time data allowing production to make faster, better decisions that save time and money.

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