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Awarded for significant achievement in enabling a shift towards creating content with a smaller carbon footprint in a particular area of production or the whole production.

Vectar Project

The VECTAR project is the north west's first carbon-neutral film studio facility. Each set offers a range of benefits, from saving both direct and indirect production costs and up to a 93% lower carbon footprint against conventional wood sets; plus, they are fully 100% recyclable as paper waste. On a mission to replace traditional wooded sets, VECTAR is 90% lighter and smaller, meaning less manpower is required to load, transport and construct on-site, further reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions. Today we are a finalist in the globally recognized Ashden Climate Awards and hope to win at COP27 in November.

"Thank you Makers and Shakers and the judges for this amazing award. VECTAR Project are passionately devoted to Sustainability. In our creative film industry where so much is shown to promote awareness of the devastating climate disaster we face, it is up to all of us individually and collectively to walk the talk and take action NOW - not in the future but NOW - to reduce the damage we do to the environment. VECTAR Sets does exactly that and this award, is such an amazing accolade for us.. Showing that even a small company as we are, can make a difference. This Industry award is so important to us in helping to promote greater use of our facilities helping every production to make a difference.

We really are humbled and grateful for this Award and thank all our clients, our staff and our partners who have shown so much faith in helping us to make VECTAR Sets and VECTAR Project a reality. As we say - "we can only change the world.. if first we change our own world.. sustainably."

Tom Henderson, Managing Director, Vector Project.

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