Awarded for significant achievement in enabling a shift towards creating content with a smaller carbon footprint in a particular area of production or the whole production.

Film London

In 2018 Film London embarked on a collaborative European project funded by sustainability body Interreg Europe. After initial research, Film London identified the opportunity to design and create the first film and TV industry bespoke power pillar on-location in Europe (and only second in the world) paving the way for others to follow. The opportunity to adapt and develop this innovative concept is very exciting with the hope that more pillars will be installed faster and cheaper than the pilot program. This small but significant step has put Film London and ‘The Grid Project’ at the forefront of sustainable innovations and ensuring that the television and film industries are as green as possible today and in the long term.

Highly Commended

Earth Angel


Creative Zero & PixiPixel

Green Set (The SA Film Academy)

Green Spark Group

Green Voltage

The Bottle Yard Studios