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Bona Orakwue

Passion and dedication are two infectious traits that others cannot help but aspire to when working alongside Bona. From the projects she chooses to the individuals she works with she’s on a mission to bring people together, encouraging them to share their stories, experience and knowledge; she is truly an inspiration. Her passion for producing is relentless and her pursuit of excellence has resulted in an incredible body of work as executive producer on projects like the Greenpeace film, Don’t Stop and The Wave. With a determination to showcase inclusivity and diversity across our wider society Bona is a force for good, driven by a true sense of community and human potential.

Morgan Davidoff

A visionary producer, Morgan is a profound storyteller whose film projects are rightly defined as ‘vehicles for change’. Matched with her unwavering commitment to ensuring every member of her team is heard, treated fairly and with respect, every aspect of her storytelling is underpinned by her ability to foster an inclusive and collaborative work environment. She advocates financial equity and uncompromising safety measures along with fostering a dedication to fairness and well-being for all members of the team. Moreover, her ability to influence change is apparent in her ability to blend entertainment with philanthropy as she cleverly integrates charities into her project work weaving them through her scriptwriting and into product placement.

Neeru Khera

Determined to spread awareness, not just about the taboos of mental health but also to spark people into discussion and ultimately action, Neeru’s films aim to eliminate the discrimination and exclusion that surrounds debilitating and devastating diseases such as mental health disorders. Led by an unwavering belief that film has the power to inspire, educate and empower people, she uses the medium not only as an artistic expression but as a social intervention, creating a powerful platform to amplify the voices of those unheard, marginalised and forgotten.

Paloma Mora

Giving visibility to underrepresented minority groups with a particular focus on women, forms the solid foundations of Paloma’s work. Committed to promoting equality and diversity her projects highlight the exceptional achievements of women whose stories have never been told. In addition to this, her groundbreaking, animation series, Sex Symbols, was produced in association with Save The Children to help educate children on the seemingly taboo subject of sexuality. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Paloma’s fearless determination was rewarded in 2022 when she received the Diversity Award from EVAP and was selected to participate in the ACE leadership special in 2023.

Siobhan McDonnell

Hell-bent on making an impact, Siobhan’s career is inspired by her love of documentary and feature film and continues to drive her commitment to gender parity, pushing global majority representation and a penchant for disruption (the good kind). Her passion for crafting compelling stories is matched by her skills in translating them into immersive experiences for an awe-inspired audience. From a mission to eliminate the way we build future technologies to giving voice to the untold stories of phenomenal women through history, Siobhan has been recognised with several highly acclaimed including the Tribeca Storyscapes award for The Pirate Queen.

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